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Girl Performing TRX Sprinters Start

The 8 Week TRX Challenge

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or you’re
a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking to try something new, this 8-week
challenge is perfect for you.

Man performing a TRX Front Squat Jump

TRX Front Squat Jump

The TRX Font Squat Jump is a great Dynamic exercise that can build power in the lower limbs. It’s a variation of Jump Squats, but because of the front inclined angle of this movement, will pace more explosive emphasis on the calves for the jump takeoff, such as the Superman.

Girl performing TRX Squat

TRX Jump Squat

The TRX Jump Squat will help to develop the elastic force component of your legs, for more explosive jumps. Ideal for those interested in developing their jumping ability. It is also a good variation of the regular squat, as it will prime your lower body muscles to contract faster and with a greater force.

Man performing TRX Split Squat Y Fly

TRX Split Squat Y Fly

The TRX split Squat with Y Deltoid Fly is a good preparatory exercise for Weight lifting exercises where you need the barbell held up and behind you whilst you are squatting or lunging. Not only is good anterior shoulder girdle (esp. the pectorals) and Thoracic spine flexibility required.

Man performing a TRX superman

TRX Superman

The TRX Superman is an Advanced version of the Body Saw. It’s a great dynamic core stabilizer. Mastery of the plank is strongly suggested before attempting this exercise.

Girl performing TRX Swimmers Pull

TRX Swimmer’s Pull

The TRX Swimmer’s Pull is a good movement to get that end range ‘pull’ needed to propel you in swimming (breast stroke, front crawl, butterfly). The level of difficulty can be modified by leaning more towards the ground, which puts you closer to the TRX anchor.

Girl performing TRX Single leg squat

TRX One-legged Squat

The TRX Single-Leg Squat is otherwise known as the Pistol Squat when one without the TRX straps. Holding onto the TRX starps while executing this movement allows you to maintain an upright position throughout the movement, but also works the scapula retractors (ie: the rhomboids).

TRX Pro 4 Strap

TRX Wide Dip

The TRX Wide dip exercise takes the already difficult bar dip exercise, which is somewhat stable and adds an unstable element to it, similar to using the rings in gymnastics. Because of this, there is greater shoulder stability that is required from this movement.

Man performing a TRX push up

TRX Incline Press

A good working capacity with the plank is required to perform this exercise. Although this may seem like an incline pushup, there is also a rotational force running through the body, due to only one foot bound within the TRX strap. Therefore, this exercise is not only a great upper body exercise.

Man performing the TRX atomic push up

TRX Atomic Push Up

The TRX Atomic Push Up (similar to Pike Push Up) is a two part exercise, making it more challenging than a regular push Up. The components of this exercise are a full pushup, followed by a tuck (ie: driving knees to chest). This combination augments core strength requirements, as well as shoulder strength , as the body angle changes through this movement.